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  • Frequently asked Questions

    What's the main rule? You must follow basic neighborly rules otherwise you could be asked to leave at anytime.


    - What's the adress?

    Cetturu 1, 6662 Tavigny, BE


    - What time do the gates open?

    You can arrive at the site any time after 14:00 on Friday.


    - When do I have to leave?

    The site closes at 19:00 on Sunday.


    - What ID do I need to get into the Festival?

    Driver’s license, Passport or ID card are all valid forms of ID


    - Will camping tickets be available on the gate?

    Strictly, no. All Magic Combi Tickets must be purchased prior to arriving at the festival, so please do not turn up to the event without a Ticket and hope to get in at the camping.


    - Can I park at the festival?

    Yes, the festival has free parking for cars less then 2 meter high.


    - What are the camping facilities?

    Primitive camping amenities will be available: potable water, portable toilets & showers will be provided in the campgrounds. There is no electricity in the campgrounds. Be aware of the cold at night, even in the summer.


    - Can i come with my mobihome or caravan?

    Yes. 2 km from the festival, a 20 minute walk, we have a terrain for your camper or caravan. To park here you need to be in the possession of a 2-person 3 Day 'Home on Wheels' Ticket.


    - Is there electricity for my mobihome or caravan?

    No. We are just happy that we have the opportunity to rent a prairie for your mobihome or caravan.

    It's an 'into the wild' spot but we take care of the toilettes. We assume every "home on wheels" has it's own washing facilities. Otherwise it's not an "home on wheels".


    - Are big family tents, party tents or portable shade structures allowed?

    No, only small festival tents.


    - Is it a good idea to bring children?

    No, we don't think so because there's no entertainment for children. LTM does not have a minimum age and so everyone is welcome! But everyone who stays at the festival must be in the possession of a festival ticket. And no pets, sorry


    Food and Drinks

    - Can I bring in my own food, drinks and alcohol?

    No Alcohol (beer, wine, liquor, etc) and food will be allowed in the camping areas and venues at La Truite Magique. Everybody will be checked upon entry and these items will be confiscated.

    LTM features an array of delicious and affordable food and beverage options, including breakfast, that should allow everyone attending to eat all weekend without ever needing to bring a single bag of groceries.

    Drinking-water will be provided free of charge at the camping but you are responsible for bringing your bottle and cups to fill up.


    Are drugs allowed at the festival?

    - Strictly, no. Everybody will be checked and these items will be confiscated.


    - Can I pay cash at the for/drink stands?

    No, you have to buy tokens/jetons to buy food and drinks at the festival. You can buy (cash, Bankcontact, PIN) tokens/jetons at the entrance of the festival.


    - Will food and drink be reasonably priced then?

    Yes. As this ain‘t your usual corporate event, all food and booze is resonably priced.


    Photo's and video's at La Truite Magique

    We're happy if you take pictures at this beautiful festival, but....

    - All audio-visual material taken at La Truite Magique and published on the internet can be used by the LTM organization for promotional issues.

    - If you attent La Truite Magique you give permission that all photo's and video's of you can be used for promotional reasons by the LTM organisation.


    Are there festival conditions?

    Yes and you can read them by clicking here.


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